Sunday, June 10, 2012


Luke went to his friend's birthday party today. It was a very amazing and fantastic science experiment party. I will have more pics up soon but here is a birthday message I made and rolled up into a test tube in lieu of a birthday card. I got the test tubes from Reverse Garbage about a year ago for no particular reason other than you never know when a specimen tube will come in handy...

How cool are these sweets! Like lego bricks! There are more in the range which I found at
David Jones and by coincidence there were other types featured at the party.
Of course, I couldn't go past the packaging.

Thanks for staying tuned and asking for more, moving was a big undertaking for me and I am still unpacking and also, during all that I was applying for a very exciting new job, a big process as well, more to come on that too!

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