Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Veranda Time!

I have been asked to "consult" on my friend's veranda redesign!
I have been pinning down some inspiration over at pinterest.

What do you think Linda?

I think this is spectacular*

*View not included

You must have,
a daybed

or a hammock

or something in-between!

A table large enough for your whole family...

{and yes, the people in her family actually look like this}

Does your budget extend to a shopping trip to Palm Springs?

You will have to by a cat.


I really feel one end of the verandah should be dedicated to a serious tiki bar with a well established drinks cabinet or at the very least a cute little trolley.

I guess you'd better get some outdoor lighting for all the parties you will be having to justify the tiki bar.

Should I stop now? I couldn't - there's more here

{all images from pinterest, please click here for credit and source information}


Anonymous said...

Ains, you've found your calling! I can't think of anyone more qualified to consult on "veranda time" ! Shell xxx

suburbansider said...

haha thanks! My verandah days are sorely missed.

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