Sunday, June 26, 2011

Swiss Night

My parents brought me and the boys back this lovely clock from their recent Swiss/Austrian adventures! It was exactly what I wanted as we had a very similar one when I was little however all that remains of that one is the little fraulein on the swing attached to nothing but memories.
I have never made it to Austria or Switzerland and am looking forward to "Swiss Night" tonight at my parent's house to see all of their photographs. 
Slide night was and is a much loved tradition for our family.  Although my father's clear, crisp photographs of the enormous snow capped alps above the fields of flowers and cows, forests and villages are going to be so stunning and beautiful they are going to make me ache to go there, they won't have the quite same aesthetic as the slide nights from the 70's and early 80's with the slight grainy texture, the fashions! against the background hum of the slide projector in the darkness and the hilarity of seeing a slide randomly inserted upside down, {nothing funnier when you are 7}.
Photographs should always be displayed in such a way {travel photographs especially should be seen on a large scale} or at least I hope Dad has assembled a large screen connected to his computer and Mum has made some "nuts and bolts" or similar to be passed round whilst we listen to his funny and amusing stories of their trip as a foil to the heartbreaking beauty of his photography.  

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