Saturday, November 19, 2011

travelling via books and vintage maps

This little reading corner will have to be disrupted soon to make way for the Christmas Tree 
which will go up in about a week - ahh! 
The rocking chair was passed down from my mother or was it nan? 
I fed and rocked my two baby boys on it. 
The lovely map table was a derelict piece of junk on the side of the road a couple of months ago 
with a crumbling chipboard top. I really loved the cane frame and the little rusty castors for shoes and wonder what it was used for in it's past life. I tossed the remnants of the top and passed it on to my dad as a project to work on with my boys {I think Dad did most of the work!}. 
Dad is my Go To Guy when I need help with anything serious although, especially being a single parent I feel pretty good at doing quite a few things on my own {and by that I mean my 14 yr old helps me quite a bit, strong points being anything electric or digital or from ikea}. After building a new table top he suggested decoupaging the surface with old maps and I think it now looks marvellous!
So between my maps infront of me and my bookcase behind me, I can go anywhere! 
I am thinking of painting the cane white - thoughts?

1 comment:

Loma said...

I think it would look great painted white (when you have time to do it that is)

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