Monday, April 16, 2012


We went to Sunnybank Hills shopping centre on the weekend. My sister Catherine organised for Liam to go to a Manga workshop at the library because that is the kind of thing he is very much into and afterwards we did a teency bit of shopping at the Asian Supermarket. We probably only make it there a couple of times a year and it's a bit of a treat because there is so much cool stuff!
I like just about everything because of the packaging, I really could spend hours looking at it all.
Mostly today I bought sweets and tea, Liam bought noodles, condiments and he loves the drinks, he got some Calpis this time.

These White Rabbit candy taste a bit like Milkos,
beautiful packaging.

These are brown sugar caramels and are divine and this little box is my favourite. 

 If you like ginger, these are the best ginger candy ever! sweet and hot! 
Once again the packaging is an equal part of the enjoyment for me.

There are about a gazillion Asian grocery shops in Sunnybank, Brisbane.
My boys love going there and nothing's too expensive, our little excursion was a sweet end to our school holidays. Today the boys are back and I am packing boxes as we have a new home to move into at the end of the week. Man it's been a stressful couple of weeks trying to find a place to rent. I know moving house is a pretty foul job but I feel like the hardest bit is over and I can just get on with it now that everything is set in place. Wish me luck!

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