Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Out of the Suburbs and down to the Sea

This is where we've been for the last four days.
Hastings Point, a quiet, beautiful spot on the northern NSW coast, still fairly unmarred by development.
My parents took my boys and I away for a much needed family holiday, just like the ones I went on as a child. Happily not much has changed and the boys have had some experiences and memories just like the ones I treasure.

We stopped for a bit of lunch on the way down and marveled at the colour of the water.

We "camped" in some luxury tentshere ~ it is camping I tell you!

{little tiny dominoes, not sure where I found these! and a deck of cards that were originally my Nan's}

The tents really were so brilliant to stay in, with their own showers and polished wood floors and kitchen, tv, comfy beds, but what really was a luxury was staying so close to the beach and having a lake for fishing right behind us. There were no mozzies!

There were lots of little fish biting our bait but {secretly, gladly} they were too small to keep and had to be thrown back. My big boy learnt he could catch lots of fish.


The weather was beautiful. There was a tidal creek that ran out to the sea on which we all went for rides on sitting in blow up rings, there was an aquamarine rock pool with a sandy bottom just the right depth for little people to swim in.


We played games around the table at night and argued over the finer points of creative rule breaking.
My little boy made friends and didn't want to leave.
None of us did..... but we were glad to be home in the end.

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