Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Right In The Middle Of Suburbia!

Having no time for a drive in the country on an ordinary week day my lovely friend took me to visit Oxley Creek Common for a walk and a chat and some fresh, warm breezy air.
I never knew such a beautiful place was hiding in the middle of the western suburbs yet I have driven past so many times.
Fields, sunshine, birds, butterflies, moo cows and at the end of a long winding path - a Secret Forest!

{long winding path}

{secret forest!}

{the photo doesn't do it any justice!}

Hoop Pines, fallen logs, quiet shady spots to sit in the cool and secret forest ambience, fairies, toadstools and little breezes slipping between the trunks and waving loudly at the tree tops.
We decided it was "better than shopping", which had been our original plan.
I have such a wonderful, beautiful, wise friend who always makes me feel ~ Better


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