Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kerbside ~ the collection continues...

Want to see some more of the junk I've been collecting?
The ladder above I think has been my biggest and proudest conquest so far.
It was one of those days when I was least expecting something cool to happen that I found it. 
I was driving home from lunch at a friend's. I had to make my excuses and leave early as I had a hundred really important  things to do before picking up my children from school. She got a call from me an hour later asking her to posthaste bring her station wagon round {I'm only about five minutes away, i said} to help me get this little guy home. 
She was amazed it had taken me an hour to travel a distance which should have taken five minutes... but I got sidetracked! 
There were streets and streets of cool old junk for me to find! I did try and fit this ladder into my magna on my own and it took quite a few arguments between me and my car and some pleading and begging, but I lost the fight and had to ring for back-up. 
Of course the two manly men I called up first let me down so in the end I was rescued by a very little lady and her more accommodating vehicle.
It's a very solid and perfectly working ladder {attested to by the man who used it to clean my gutters}. 
It is also a fab colour, {which I like to call institute green} and smaller, less cool versions of it are selling for hundreds of dollars at the local antiques centre so I do feel like it was a treasure worth fighting for! 
Not sure what I will do with it though.....

Also found was this chair, aged perfectly for me and a big red suitcase and 
my 13 year old insisted on this microphone!


Loma van der Linden said...

suitcase seems to be in excellent condition! Congratulations on the chair and ladder. I got myself a picnic basket that I just love. I do so love kerbside collection!

suburbansider said...

I love it too! The suitcase had a very mildewy fabric lining that I had to rip out but otherwise is in good nick. i have also found a picnic basket - in perfect condition!

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