Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day Out In Paddington

Was probably, what felt like the hottest day so far this year and last year too.
My sister and I had our first Work Free & Child Free Day, {and by "Day" I mean approx 5 and a half hours} in a LONG  TIME  so we thought..... coffee..... and why not make it in Paddington!
First stop was coffee, we chose a cool looking little place. 
Upon ordering we went to pay with our cards and the lady said ~ sorry it's our very first ever day and we aren't fully set up yet, you can bring along the cash later if you like. 
I was suitably shocked at this free thinking!  We had our very well made coffee and dropped off the cash later on during the morning. She gambled with trust and won our respect!
URBAN GRIND  review on fourthousand
*Picture below is NOT the coffee shop ~ just a house I liked.

Monty's Chocolate ~ we stopped in for another coffee and a chocolate as we were getting a little 
weary from all the looking at shops AND power walking combined with hill climbing up and down Latrobe Tce. As we couldn't decide which chocolate to taste with our coffee no.2 for the day we sensibly chose the chocolate tasting plate. It came with a lovely thick hot chocolate and we thought a very generous selection of chocolates including chocolate coated nuts, chocolate coated salted caramels and chocolate coated cocoa beans and nibs dusted in chocolate ~ 
I can't even begin to explain it correctly so I suggest you go there yourself! 
We had to stop at about the halfway mark and got the remainder wrapped up to take home.

Had to sit down for a bit during post chocolate mini coma ~ comfy, 
not exactly as it is made of mosaic tiles! But it did have a lovely view of the city!

We redeemed ourselves at lunch with rice paper rolls and a cold bottle of water

Op Shopping!

A colour for every day plus a beige for weddings and a black for funerals ~ everything you need!

Oh dear! ~ Not For Sale!

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