Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blue Heaven

yay! my Mac is finally back and all in one piece and we are both slowly rebuilding our lives. Hard drive failure! The poor baby needed a transplant :( However, the guys at Mac 1 in James St were so nice so I would recommend them if something unfortunate happens to your Mac and you live in Brisbane.
I have so much blogging and blog reading to catch up on I don't know where to begin!
Here are a couple of picks from Mother's Day a couple of weekends ago.

My boys and I went to the markets, bought some yummy food and some beautiful second hand books and vintage bottles. I had cups of tea made for me, served in a heart shaped cup and saucer proudly presented to me by my littlest one and I read books in bed all afternoon - heaven!

1 comment:

Catherine Eight said...

Oh, that's a beautiful photo of the boys! Can't see much of Big L, but he looks super cool.

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