Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Autumn Leaves

My little boy is home on his second day in a row from school because he is pretty sick with the flu. We went for a little walk this morning to get the hey out of the house and get some fresh air! It was such a gorgeous morning, I thought it would cheer him up a little.We found some beautiful leaves.

The little vintage bottle above as well as the log vase were found at the markets for me on Mother's Day - don't they look sweet for a couple of dollars each. I actually think the vase looks a little lalique no?
The large brown glass bottle is a chemical bottle from reverse garbage I bought quite a while ago - but they usually have them there for a couple of dollars too! It took a while to scrub the label off however the label left on might look cool too, maybe for halloween or something.
Happy Days, hope the flu bugs don't stop at your door in the coming weeks!


Holly Clayton said...

Your talent is endless Ainslie. I found myself getting lost in blog, often. Thanks for the escape x

Holly Clayton said...

Correction: find not found.. Only confirms how caught up I am in all this prettiness.x

leesa said...

oooo, just love your little vignettes! we all just had the vomiting bug! no more bugs welcome at this house! xx

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