Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lost in Austen

Watching the Royal Wedding was fun. I thought it was all quite satisfactory and loved seeing "The Dress" which wasn't a disappointment and thought the sister looked pretty nice. I loved seeing Prince Harry and William grinning away. My friend Michelle hosted a delightful dinner and I can't mention that without talking about the most delicious Coronation Chicken! {which I've never had before and am certainly going to be making in the near future} and a very scrummy Eton Mess {which I have had several times before and will be making again faster than you can say Beatrice and Eugenie, what were you thinking?}

On another note, Pip has announced a new book to read, Pride and Prejudice and I'm doing it - time again to get lost in Austen and I'm hoping to get as lost as I possibly can. If you'd like to follow along I have added her button to my side bar to the Meet Me At Mikes's Book Club. I just love Meet Me At Mikes, do you read her too?

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