Monday, July 25, 2011

born in the 70's

I was excited to find this present for my friend's birthday at the Wolloongabba Antiques Centre  and couldn't wait to give it to her for her birthday this weekend. We had previously had a lovely morning together there and as we both oohed and ahhed over various items I noticed she had a particular weakness for those beautifully hideous combinations of 70's tableware and crockery combining stoneware and wood, orange, brown and mustard. I must admit to feeling a slight sense of nostalgia for them which has now turned my opinion from distaste to love! It is amazing how your taste can change so much so that something you once regarded as ugly can appear so aesthetically pleasing. 
Love makes anything look beautiful!

I was very pleased that my friend loved them too. I also found a suitably 70's card! I love this range by Australian artist Sue Adams taken from her work during the 70's. I got mine from David Jones but you can also see a range available at lark

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Lou said...

What an awesome find, even in its original box too!

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