Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brisbane - Why no Haigh's?

Am about to embark on a delightful diversion from the conventional via some Haigh's Chocolate (mmmm - do not visit website if you are sensitive to chocolate) via my friend returning from a trip to Melbourne.
Yes, no ordinary block-o-choc, so much better.
I also have a peppermint mouse and also some pretty beads and earrings sparkling at me from inside my little souvenir packet from Melbourne.
Well... they may have Haigh's amongst other marvels to recommend their city but I heard the weather made Brisbane feel tropical in comparison!


leesa Perry said...

I'm pretty sure that chocoalte frog wants to come over to my place! oh how I love Haig's chocolate! me some?.......;-)

suburbansider said...

oops - too late!

tiel said...

everytime I go to Adelaide or Melbourne, I stock up. The hot chocolate is also yum. I don't get it either. Just another thing Qld is slow to adopt.

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