Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Brisbane Festival - Spiegeltent!

The Brisbane Festival kicked off with Riverfire on the weekend and I was lucky enough to be presented with some tickets to see Syl Jonson play with the Bamboos at the Spiegeltent. Do you Bamboo? Aren't they great!

I've never been to the Spiegeltent before - it's lush! It's located in King George Square this year - only for the three week duration of the festival. Inside was like stepping into another time and was the perfect setting for Syl Johnson {75 and his voice and performance was legendary!} {seriously he blew me away} and the {mighty fine} Bamboos' funk and soul.

Outside the Spiegeltent is a great beer garden with live music and some giant dandelions to enhance the flavour of your drinks. Whoever responsible has done a beautiful job!

 See what's on at the Spiegeltent and try and make it to something, there are some great people gonna be there! I am also looking forward to seeing the Santos City of Lights - I've heard it's amazing.

I have just bought a new camera - so bear with me. It's another cheapie but it will have to do. I lost mine a month ago and after a month of no blogging and endless, fruitless searching I grudgingly forked out as much as I could to replace it. Having done this, I am sure to find my old one next week.

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shay said...

the bamboos are amazing! as is the spiegeltent...

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