Monday, October 24, 2011

Candy Corn

Candy Corn is not so readily available in Australia but I have it on good authority that the sweet shop near to me gets it in especially for Halloween. I will be hunting some down this week because I have taken a fancy to it after finding all of these pictures on Pinterest. 
We have a very special party to go to at a friend's whose whole neighbourhood does such a magnificent job of celebrating Halloween {also not so often found in Australia}.
It's is such a fun night, we will bring a plate and hopefully pull off some sort of costuming arrangement using cardboard, a hot glue gun and whatever else I can catch lying about the house before it scuttles behind a cupboard.

a cute fluffy baby candy corn

how beautiful is this candy corn fudge!

more candy corn fudge this time with pretzels, ahh sweet and salty!

I thought something like this candy corn costume would be great for my 7 year old as he already has beautiful orange hair, he would just need a yellow suit and a white pointy hat on top, maybe not.

and  finally, to wash down all of that sugar... a candy corn martini!

*** just another special thing I wanted to mention {again, not readily found in Australia} was the vist to Brisbane by Queen Elizabeth today. It was a little bit exciting. There were a crowd of about 45000 Brisbanians lining the cultural forewalk at Southbank hoping for a glimpse. 
"The man in charge of all the schools said we could have the day off to see Queen Elizabeth" 
was my son's opening argument towards getting a day off school but he was sincerely 
disappointed when I said no. He really did want to meet the Queen. he called me the meanest mother in the world, maybe I will make him wear that candy corn outfit to the halloween party.
I saw her arrival on tv whilst I was waiting at the doctor with the other doctors and staff collected in the waiting room to watch her too and I thought she looked lovely. 
She had on a beautiful shade of pale green coat and and matching hat with a speckled feather in it.

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