Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tiny Treats!

Here are just a few photos of my niece's "Tiny Party" on the weekend.
This is the "Tiny Treats Table".
My sister and mother had been cooking up a tiny storm and made tiny lamingtons, caramel and custard tarts, mini lemon meringues, "cute as a button cupcakes" as well as tiny trifle cups and little chocolate crackles! My other sister designed some menu cards which were put in frames, one for the sweet and one for the savoury table. I got to help with the fun stuff which was helping to decorate. For the table, I added a few little miniatures which once belonged to a doll house I had many years ago, including my tiny little handmade cakes, iced buns, and jelly. I was glad they could be used again finally for something. It was all so cute and the whole party was beautiful and enjoyed by everyone who went!

a coconut and pineapple cake made by my sister and the little doll's skirt made my me.


Susan said...

Wow that looks amazing - brings back memories - that looks so pretty and special..
Sue XXXs

Lou said...

Wow! Everything looks so preety. The party was just so much fun to do, thank you so much for all your help! lou x

suburbansider said...

Thanks Susan, it was really special & sweet and because I dont have a little girl of my own I really loved getting the chance to do something other than
star wars/transformers/pirates etc
No worries Lou, it was fun! Youy and Dan did an amazing job {not to mention Mum's cooking!}xx

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