Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party and Trick or Treating



It wasn't much of a stretch to transform my little one into The Devil. 
My friend Leesa hosts trick or treating at her house every year as her neighbourhood goes to the most spectacular effort to celebrate Halloween. 
It's such a great experience and my boys came home with {literally} a bucket load of treats.
Some of the guests brought some wonderful halloweenish food. 
The handmade toffee apples' tags read "eat at your own risk".
There were also beautifully decorated cupcakes adorned with black rats, picket fences and tombstones.
The savoury food included some severed sausage fingers, which tasted great but kept giving me the creeps because they were so realistic. And these mummy pizza muffins were a cute idea and were very yummy too. Aren't the chocolate vampire fangs and brains gorgeous! 
The brains oozed out with gooey strawberry fondant!
Spiders crawled up the walls and spectres spectated from outside, hanging about waiting for someone to throw them a bone.

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