Thursday, March 15, 2012

adventures on the home front

Some pics from my sister Lou's house. It's been lovingly renovated and decorated by herself and her husband over many years and is looking beautiful. I just wanted to share a few of the photos of some of my favourite bits of her house. Life never sits still for long though... new happenings are just around the corner.You can read more of her adventures at the enchanting forest

1. weathered bird/fairy house   2. living room - love her aqua chairs from Wollongabba Antiques Centre
3. little garden elf looking very sweet   4. pressed tin kitchen wall   5. office corner


My Busy Little Life said...

Its such a gorgeous house and I love the pics you took. Miss Evie looks as sweet as ever. xx

Lou said...

Ains, they are beautiful photos, you must come and take more. The one of Evie made my heart melt. Lou xo

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