Friday, March 16, 2012

movie night in the suburbs

I wish I could say this was my suburban backyard hosting this amazing outdoor cinema party but this is the work of a delightfully creative friend of mine from college.
She created this beautiful evening with the help of her family to celebrate her birthday!
The photos are just gorgeous and there's a beautiful little film of the night too. So many wonderful
details and cool ideas. Makes me want to drag out all my cushions and rugs and set up movie night
under the stars at my house.
I was excited to share this with you because the photos are so lovely and I'm sure you will like them too.

Love your work Shayna!

To see the full post and all of her gorgeous photos of the night, visit Shayna's blog ~ Mulders Drapery ~ I always look forward to seeing her new design work.


a very vintage wedding fair {Brisbane} said...

Absolutely love this, and what a fabulous idea! Outdoor cinema parties should be a part of everyone's weekend!

Gorgeous styling!

Hena Tayeb said...

Love this.. i can not imagine a better movie night.

suburbansider said...

Hi there,
I'm glad you both like it too, I thought it was wonderful and yes, beautifully styled.
A fabulous idea and beautifully done!

Thank you for your comments x

Catherine said...

How cool is this. It would be a great way to celebrate a birthday too. People are so clever and creative aren't they:)

Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful. i love it.

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