Thursday, March 22, 2012

moving house is really fascinating!

egads! I am moving house!
The home I rent is being sold and I chose the option of moving out straight away. It has been a
bit unsettled around here as you would know if you've ever had a house up for sale or had to move.
I've been doing a lot of tidying up and decluttering {it was a good thing I started back in January!}

So who knows where next! I am pretty nervous about finding a new place.
I really love living here because the house suits me and is in a perfect location. We made our home as nice as we could and we have built our lives around it and so to move means having to start all over again. I am hoping to make it as easy as possible. I was upset at first but now am thinking of all of the good possibilities that may present themselves.

My bro Danny passed on a little gem of advice which a lady told him, I believe it is a quote from Tony Robbins ~ "replace the word frustrating with fascinating".
For example, "that person is really fascinating" or "I am finding looking for a new house really fascinating". I think it's a good one.
Cleaning my office/ Mac Lab/ Social Media Control Centre in preparation for the open home was really fascinating, actually it really was. It's been messy for two years since I moved in, mostly too much stuff in boxes. I found so many cool things I had forgotten about when I was sorting it all out and threw away a lot of crap too. Now it is wonderful! Everything's organised, no more boxes, I'm enjoying it! If only for a couple of weeks before I have to pack it all in boxes again!

a valid excuse! from here


oneworldmovers said...

Removal Companies Auckland says that Good luck with your move, Paula! There's always that excitement for a new start touched with a little sadness of leaving something you have known for so long behind.

Alison said...

I love that chippy mint green chair, perfect!

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