Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweets for the Sweet!

Morning tea at Leesa's and visiting her baby girl twins, this was a couple of weeks ago, I visited to give the girls a belated Christmas present. Leesa always bakes/makes something delicious and made this treat for us. I like to think very fresh and healthy and decadent and bad at the same time. Oh well.

 fresh berries, cream, vanilla bean paste, elderflower cordial and then some from 

The twins' room
I missed having a girl of my own so take delight in my friend's girls and 
all of the sugar and spice that goes along with them.

 ••• Kate •••
  ••• Rose •••
 A pair of owls made for the girls by Leesa's friend Toni who made this owl!

Addie & Ella Play Teaparty from Gelati Art

 Leesa's Baby Cardie ~ about thirty something years old....


 Blythes, I have been introduced but I have forgotten their names!

Sew Cute dolls found at The Collective Store

On my latest visit to Wynnum I discovered The Collective Store. {loving the website illustrations!}
It houses a fabulous collection of handmade crafty goodies, all of a very high quality and beautifully displayed. I was pretty happy because I wanted to get something special for the twins and actually had a hard time narrowing it down to these cutesy dolls. Good to have a place to go for handmade at any time, without having to wait for a market to pop up or buying online.


leesa said...

lovin' the pics! Lucky you said 'thirty something' and not almost forty! xo

Anonymous said...

I too have visited that store at Wynnum and thought of you at the time. Glad you discovered. I loved it. Lou X

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