Friday, April 29, 2011

Feeling like a big cup of Royal Tea

Check out my Royal Wedding pin board on pinterest - it's pretty!

Am definitely excited to be watching the Royal Wedding tonight.
A friend is having us over and sent me this lovely message,
"Many years ago a beautiful young girl married a not so handsome prince. It didn't end so well but it was a fairly seminal moment in another little girl's life - she had the melamine plate and the ladybird reader and even her barbie had the puffy sleeved dress. This Friday it's happening again and I think I should celebrate the occasion with a little gathering... get frocked up, drink some pimms and eat some suitably British food..."
I felt the same as a little girl. 
At school the next day I was delighted to be told that I looked 
like India Hicks and to this day it is amazing how similar our lives are, haha.
Oh well, tonight will be fun and I am looking forward to a watching a 
new era of the monarchy unfold. We are each to bring a plate and the lolly shop at 
Carindale sells packets of barbecue hula hoops so I am sorted!

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