Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Have A Dream...

I have this dream where little elves come and clean my house whilst I sleep and organize my boxes of fabric into something like this

Oh wow!

No it was me + an ironing board + 2 hours in front of Bridget Fonda in the Assassin.
*Interesting fact - Harvey Keitel pops up for his second time as "a cleaner" Mr Wolf {one of my fave small part characters in a movie} in Pulp Fiction,  after appearing as Victor the Cleaner in the Assassin.
I hadn't seen the Assassin since it first came out and  got a surprise to see Harvey walking in to this movie in the same role and wondered which one came first?


In order of appearance; little owl pincushion by Tiddliwink Toys found at The Collective Store,
♥ one of my favourite fabrics from Amy Butler♥ collection of buttons inherited from my Mum,
♥ more buttons in tins and a little friend that's almost as old as I am, ♥ "A" initial from Reverse Garbage and can you see my little red suitcase at the top? It is from my kindy days and was referred to as a port! It still has my name dymo labeled on to it. Did anyone else have one of those in the 70's? My Story Bridge hanky is now living in a frame. 
Much easier to get on with the sewing projects now, however still have a couple of boxes of fabric to sort which will live in the drawers below - anytime you want to jump in evles...
Hope you have all had a good weekend and are making the most of this gorgeous weather!


Anonymous said...

Little elf Ainslie, would you like to come and do this to my place? Shelby xxx

suburbansider said...

do it your 'elf
hahaha - sorry i had to say that
working bee perhaps? - you bake - I fold xxx AIns

leesa said...

it's glorious!! (*waves at my little strawberry shortcake friend!*☺)

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