Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teeny Tiny Changes

Hey there,
I have made some teeny tiny changes to my blog.
I've just discovered blogger now has more fonts to choose from! My banner was annoying me too so I have finally tweaked it a little. Just a little FYI ~ the little picture in my banner is taken from a hanky once belonging to my Nan. It's pink, it's got the Story Bridge, it's got Jacarandas, it has sentimental value because I love all of the things inherited from my family and it's a little bit vintage so I couldn't think of anything more fitting to be used as an identity for Surbansider.

And for those of you wondering where the name comes from ~ it's like Sydney-sider or East-sider. It's about where I live as a resident of the suburbs and what that means to me. After lots of traveling and living in lots of different places overseas and in Australia, I value more and more the most wonderful place that is Brisbane and all of her suburbs. I like to celebrate all of the little, everyday things that sometimes get overlooked, yet are most important and should be valued, especially when times are hard and it's easy to forget how very simple it is to find joy.

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