Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Salad Days

I was absolutely fanging for lunch when I got home after gym and doing the groceries.
This salad was so yummy and looks good too I think. Such a beautiful, beautiful sunny day today and was feeling motivated after loosing some kilos and a couple of freebie personal training sessions, thanks Jay!! I saw one of my friends, Renae, Hourglass Fitness, describe her salad on facebook and I couldn't wait to stock up on more fresh veges today so I could make something similar.
It's got spinach, mushrooms, red capsicum, 5 bean mix, lebanese cucumber, celery and tuna and LOTS of lemon juice and pepper, oh and danish feta crumbled over the top. So awes. I had some swiss cheese and pumpernickel bread on the side and had to take a bite whilst I was making the salad.
I have collected a few lovely salad books and this one below, from my "salad days" back when I was a teenager is an absolute favourite. Mainly for the pictures!

Here are just a few pages. Each chapter has a delightful title page. The one above for the vegetarian chapter reads, 
"If you peep into the SPC garden very early on a misty morning, you might just spy the olive-spotted tomato ladybird nestling amongst the sprouting mushrooms on the edge of a magical fairy ring"
 I used to love looking through this book, has anyone else come across this one?

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