Sunday, December 4, 2011

make something, save something

We put our tree up today! Pictures to come.
I made these memory wire bangles for a lovely friend and my little son helped me make some for his teacher too. I think they're pretty, I made one for myself! I am being as errmm ... thrifty as I can this year particularly where  I can use "stuff" and "talents" I already have. Apart from our new advent calendar {which was admittedly purchased under duress which I then justified by calling it a "reward"} there will be no new cards, tags, wrapping paper, decorations etc. I will be having a lovely time using all the lovely things from my vast stash. As much as I like  love shopping at this time of year, I am keen to simplify and slow right down and not buy {haha} in to the stress. I would rather be sitting on a beach. I think people are in to it... I think it's a trend. Will there be less consumerism this christmas? In the wake of the "occupy movement" will more people be buying from local small businesses or online via etsy etc?
Will Chermside be a ghost town at 2am during the annual all night shop?
I won't know because, breaking with tradition, this year I will be having coffee with my friends somewhere else. {will woolloongabba antique centre be open at that time do you think? }  ;-)

1 comment:

Lou said...

You have out done yorself with these braclets!! they colours and the way they are grouped look so great!! Do you have more beads still? How about you try to sell these? Lou xo

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