Sunday, December 25, 2011

perfect sunday

My sister hosted the most beautiful breakfast and morning tea at her house {as seen in pictures below}.
My small contribution was a plate of devils on horseback {traditional}.
Louise must have been cooking for days... scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, herb and garlic mushrooms, a gigantic platter of fruit. Then coffee, iced tea, chocolates, gluten free fruit mince pies, mini trifles...
We were too full to eat any lunch. We spent the middle of the day quietly at home, playing with our toys.
My three year old niece wore her plastic high heels and crown all day.
I taught myself to play "away in a manger" {calypso style} with two hands on my son's new keyboard. My older son Liam, buried himself away with his new mac lovingly handed down to him by his aunty.
Luke had a mixture of beyblades, pokemon cards and harry potter lego happily jumbled together across our whole entire lounge room floor.
I loved all my presents. Florence and the Machine was on repeat all day. I got a pink hairdryer!
This was probably the best christmas day ever in regards to the weather - sunny, breezy, blue skies and not at all stinking hot.
In the evening was the traditional cold dinner at my parents with lots of salads and cold chicken and ham and christmas pudding, rum balls, apricot balls, christmas crackers etc - perfect!


Merry Christmas ~ I hope you all had a wonderful day today wherever you were and whatever you did and I look forward to reading all about it over on yours.


jody said...

Merry Christmas! Hope you had a lovely day!

suburbansider said...

Thank you. I hope your day was lovely too. I've been enjoying your pics!

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