Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Advent Calendar

Anyone would think I'd announced that I was killing Christmas by the outcry of objection from my boys when I presented them with our new advent this year. Sorry boys, no tacky chocolate filled trademarked calendar from the supermarket - NOOOOOO!
They melt in this weather and every Christmas, without fail, my little redhead sneaks in to the fridge in the early hours and eats Dec 4 through to Dec 24 in a few tidy minutes.
My little one begged me to get this Father Christmas advent calendar with the idea, I suppose that I would fill it with candy canes or chocolates or even, over confidently recommended a that pokemon ds game would fit nicely in each of the draws!
Mummy thought that some lovely family christmas activities, written on little scrolls of paper would be such a fabulous, beautiful tradition to start - SO THAT'S WHAT WE'RE DOING KIDS!

I had some great ideas, stuff we do every year anyway but this way it's a little more special. I know they'll love it - for sure. I also got some ideas from Pinterest... just type in Advent Calendars. 
There are some fabulous ideas that you can do with your children to celebrate the season. 
Each of my boys will get a turn on alternate days and I will adjust the activity to suit them. 
They can save it as a voucher for another day if they want to.

Some ideas: gingerbread iced chocolate
christmas playdough
visit christmas lights
watch a christmas dvd
christmas baking
read a christmas book
christmas puzzle book {we have a very cool where's wally type christmas activity book}
I even relented and threw in a few vouchers for candy canes.

Ahh the joy of the Christmas season begins...


katiecrackernuts said...

I think that's a great Christmas idea. There are no little ones in our house anymore, only big-uns and the way this year has gone and seems to be ending I was secretly thinking to myself I'd like an advent with a nip of something strong at the end of each day - the adult advent I'm calling it.

suburbansider said...

Thank you! I secretly think you should do it! I saw an "adult advent calendar" on facebook the other day - there was nothing secret about it - 24 bottles of wine numbered one to twenty four - a tad excessive...
I hope your year has time to improve x

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