Sunday, December 18, 2011

perfect sunday

It started at 6 am with a 6km walk up hill and down dale with my brother in law, a coffee on the way home then heaps of cooking and sparkly christmas playdough making. 
Then a christmas meet up with three of my friends I've known since we were 5, and their families. 
It was wonderful catching up again, seeing how much bigger everyone's children have got. 
I discovered we are all wonderful cooks and that layered nacho dip, dark chocolate & gingerbread muffins and champagne go quite well indeed together {absolved by walk earlier}.
Then a lovely dinner at my sister's house, all the tastier because it was cooked and 
cleaned up by someone else - for me. 
Now I'm trying not to fall asleep at my computer whilst listening to my son's collection of sleep inducing opera. It blares out of my itunes through to his bedroom, only a door away. My office is a little "sleep-out" accessed via his bedroom.  If I was on "It's A Knockout" and one of the challenges was to tiptoe across a darkened room, standing on as many pieces of lego as possible - loosing points every time you touched the floor, or spilled your cup of tea, {plus you are not allowed to scream} - I would win. 
His favourite "piece"at the moment is puccini's O mio babbino caro. Sometimes our collection of classical music works and sends him off to a soothing, happy, sleepy place however sometimes it does not and I feel that something stronger is required - what - I don't know.
On my travels today I was charmed by this house. I would like to go inside. 

... a perfect sunday.

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