Friday, December 9, 2011

shoe envy

I don't know what exact age having a pair of plastic high heels is a right of passage for most girls but I was scared my little niece, at the tender age of three may be a little too sophisticated to be interested for much longer so I hastily bought her this set for her Christmas present.
I think I was about six when I got a little pair of wedges for Christmas but I thought they were pretty amazing.
Apparently you had to wear socks with them to complete the look as modelled here by my sister and myself on Christmas Day in 1980-something.
And yes, I am envious - I would love a set of plastic shoes and jewels for Christmas and the confidence to wear them.

1 comment:

Lou said...

That will be very cute for Evie!! I love the photo of us. It must be what we got for Christmas at Tambo? Matching shoes, umbrellas and bags. I am surprised how much my face looks like Evie in that photo as I always thought she looks nothing like me. lou xo

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