Thursday, December 15, 2011

West End Twilight Markets

We happened upon the West End Twilight Markets last Saturday night. It was a flying visit but I'm glad we stopped in because they were lovely. Not too big but lots of good stuff.

Meet The Bow Tie Killer. 
My little boy immediately spotted this little guy with the remains of a red bow tie and demanded I 
buy him.  He has a fixation with Problem Child, probably because he can identify so easily with 
that charming, sweet little red headed boy.

I found this ancient copy of one of Enid Blyton's adventures and
I know I'm not the only one {love this post by Katiecrackernuts!} who still appreciates a good EB novel. Isn't it beautiful! And my eldest son bought me this birdie brooch as a Christmas present. I've snuck in a photo before he wraps it. He was pretty happy with a steamed pork bun for himself. There were other tasty looking food stalls {and macaroons} and coffee, some vintage and lots of handmade craft, art, fashion but I didn't really have time to do it justice. Will be back!


Kate Moore said...

It looks like a great adventure. Old Enid was a little bit dull with the titles but, oh, the delights inside.

suburbansider said...

It was splendid and so much tinned food... you should start a club.

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