Friday, December 10, 2010

May Fortune Be Your Friend

We are venturing out to see the Christmas lights around the neighbourhood tonight.
Ours are not up yet but our front door has a wreath and snowflakes and looks pretty!

{made using some vintage trimmings and buttons, a postcard and lots of glitter and snow in a can}

{plum puddings made by my boy's great grandmother ~ we love putting these out every year} 

 {I was going to make a mini pompom garland - but when I found this ball of yarn for a few dollars at spotlight I thought I would save myself the trouble! It's so pretty and I've put it all over my tree too!}

{a harvest from Jill's Mother's organic garden ~ the purple beans are gorgeous ~ a lovely present!}

1 comment:

leesa said...

love the wreath! where is the photo of the tree?....

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