Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wished up but not washed out!

Amidst the torrential rain yesterday I celebrated my birthday and got lots of lovely birthday wishes and pretty cards and gifty goodness. There was an old fashioned spice cake made by Mum and a ricotta berry cheesecake with whipped cream and blueberries made by my sister and a surprise lamington cheesecake slice made by my friend Jamie! Oh dear!

Some birthday gifts ~ sitting in the letter rack, from "Happy Animal Time" postcard book by Junzo Terada {a fabulous blog write up with more yummy pictures here at the Daily Smudge} from Chronicle Books  which has 30 very happy postcards {absolutely beautiful vintagey illustrations in gorgeous colours} - I chose this one with the umbrella for today! 
And, soooo hard to choose my favourite so I may have to get some more, but I think this one my friend gave me is it ~ "miss lemon" by art and ghosts from a series of prints and frames {to go with them} published by lalaland found online here and have also been spotted around Brisbane at discerning boutiques and even a news agent!

To avoid cabin fever, today during a short reprieve from the downpour, we grabbed umbrellas and wellingtons and escaped for a walk...

I picked some of these from a large bush growing wildly along the bike path and took some cuttings to hopefully grow in my garden

 You know you want to too!

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