Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy end of 2010 and Happy New Year for 2011 - I can't believe it! 2010 was meant to be my year - it was the year of the tiger but nothing was blowing me away... I didn't win lotto and I didn't meet the man of my dreams, however on reflection and in summary a lot of good, life changing stuff happened and a few crappy things too. Best wishes for the year to come!

We in Brisbane have managed a few rain free days and we have been making the most of them.
The minute the rain stopped there was a chorus of lawnmowers across the neighbourhood singing out to me to add mine to their droning. I was only too happy to get stuck into my lawn that had grown about 20cm in a week but the dratted mower wouldn't start so I had to be contented with the weeding. 
The weeds in this humid, wet weather are having the run of the place and kept me busy for a while. 
The backyard has enough mud to fill a mosh pit, sadly without the cool music and scantily clad 19 year olds but with my ipod turned up loud enough and squinting my eyes at the right angle at the large stinky ibis haunting my yard I can almost pretend...
We ventured down to Wynnum with friends on the first afternoon of no rain although it was still overcast. Not too overcast to get saturated in the sea pool and water park. I love Wynnum and as I like to recall my oldest son announcing when he was 5 on a trip there, "I love Women".

There is some pretty good op shopping to be done there - I found these sweet pineapple plates, some books and these shot glasses which were a timely find because I was presented with a trusty "cowboy" drinks kit for my birthday ~ so that's YNE sorted! 

 {*please note ~ I cannot, to save my life, get the one mix 
to float atop the other ~ but it all tastes the same in the end}

The boys and I and our visitors have been having fun with 
this stick-on blackboard frame on our fridge - my New Year Resolution! 
{which fittingly, is written in chalk and will be replaced by a drawing of Ben 10 by tomorrow}

hold on tight for the new year is coming fast or maybe... let go!

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