Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can You Keep A Secret

Shhhh Can You Keep A Secret?

I can't... and I shouldn't.
My friend and I visited Can You Keep A Secret on the weekend and I just have to tell you
how lovely it is!

It's more than a shop that sells vintage, it's a whole 1920's Queenslander style house in
Greenslopes, Brisbane where each room is wonderfully dedicated to it's own theme of vintage.
I liked the "gentlemen's room" and the "kitchen room".
My friend had fun trying on dresses in the "ladies room".

the gentlemen's room

front entrance

There is parking right out front on Logan Road and what I love about it is that as you step through the front gate from the footpath, and walk across the bridge to the house, it feels like your are stepping back into the past. So many cool things from my childhood! It's just like closing my eyes and imagining I am back at my own Nan's home in Greenslopes when I was a little girl in the 70's... except my eyes are open and it's all real - with the same authentic feel.

I really enjoyed having an unhurried look at everything whilst catching up with my friend...
Our conversation went something like... "oh my god, check this out" "oooh that looks good" "blah blah blah, he's really nasty" "LOVE those shoes" "you're looking really skinny" "my Nan had a set of these plates!" "should we get coffee?" "that is JUST gorgeous" "what are you doing tonight?" "oh my gosh, I had this exact same thing when I was little" "that's hideous, but quite cool" " I love polka dots" "damn kids" "I really need to have that" "what size shoe are you?" "that looks great on you!" "what the hell is this for?" "you HAVE to buy it" "yellow is your colour" "I love it, it's a SWAN!"

There is a really good mix of clothes, accessories, furniture, household and decorative items.
You should really go visit! It's a lot of fun.
Here is their facebook page for more info {looks like they have some cool events happening}
or their website.


Anonymous said...

it looks so divine. i love the colours on the house. i will note this one for a visit next time i am in brisbane. thanks for the peek. gorgeous photos. xo.

Shell said...

I am still considering those yellow dresses...I love this place and I love your pics of it!

OldPearly Jenkins said...

Hi there
I've just found your blog and I love it!!!. I drive past this shop all the time and alway think I need to make the time to check this place out.

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