Thursday, February 23, 2012


The Gentleman's One

one for the gents....

I painted a woodgrain effect box and covered the outside with vintage gentlemen's advertisements.
I made a tiny silk bow tie, a pocket watch and cut out some cricket collector cards and some playing cards too.

The Rose One

one for the ladies...

this one is covered in rose fabric and a vintage silk rose bud {one from my Nan's collection}.
Inside is some tiny roses, a pale green button and a bead as well as a bundle of rose incense which was part of a box of floral incenses sent over from Japan several years ago. You can see part of the packaging on the back of my matchbox.

So many more delightful matchboxes at Lobster and Swan. Their makers have come up with some really creative ideas. See more at the group's flickr page.


Lou said...

The match boxes look gorgeous!lou x

jody said...

They look great! x

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