Monday, February 20, 2012


On Saturday I had a busy morning at work then headed down the coast with the boys to do a fitness test that I had been DREADING! Liam {my 14 year old} and I do Arakan once a week and it's one of the best things I've ever done in my life. I put on weight and lost a lot of fitness over the last three years and starting Arakan last year has been what has given me motivation for exercise again and made me a happier person in general. Doing this fitness test, {which tested my cardio fitness, strength and endurance etc} has given me some concrete goals to work towards. I was really, really nervous even though I wasn't pressuring myself to perform well at all {as it's just a starting point} but it must have meant more to me than I realised. 
The Arakan instructors are so encouraging and kind and so patient but they also make you work hard and take you out of your comfort zone. I really love the way they treat my sons especially. They are wonderful male role models, which is something I really value. The boys do have really great relationships with their granddad and uncle who are both really good men to look up to but I think, the more the merrier! Liam is gaining self esteem, strength and learning to enjoy exercise. The young boy who was angry and depressed and having counselling a few years ago has become, calm, positive, strong and much happier and I'm very proud of him. 
I am really glad I now have more time to focus on myself again and am doing something to challenge myself because, as depressing as some of my stats were and as much as I H.A.T.E doing things like beep tests, at the other end of each training session I feel so good and as I said before - happy - it makes it really worthwhile. There is so much to be said for the effect it has had on my mental strength too. 
So, after the test I was feeling completely wrecked but at the same time, felt on top of the world! 
We stopped off at the beach on our way home and this is how we ended our day!  
This is Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. We got there at about 4pm. The sun wasn't too hot, the water was perfect and just being by the ocean was pure joy and so beautiful. It was glorious!

Do you remember doing this as a kid!

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Julie said...

It's great how exercise can have so many benefits. A wonderful day!

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