Monday, February 13, 2012

pepper & spice chocolate brownie for valentine's day

I made these by adapting a fantastic recipe that my friend Jamie gave me. 
The original is called "Mother Of The Year Chocolate Brownies".
Unfortunately I'm not sure where the recipe came from but I have added it here with my extras so you can print it out and try it yourself.
It's so quick and easy you can whip up brownies at the drop of a hat. 
Jamie uses this recipe as a base and adds all sorts of ingredients and makes all manner of 
amazing cakes, desserts and cupcakes from it. She's very clever!
I just chose to add black pepper and mixed spice {another idea borrowed from a chocolate spice 
biscuit recipe from a friend!} and made them into cupcakes. 
These will be for the boys for valentines day. Luke did a fantastic job at decorating the top of this 
one with a red candy heart and chopped up musk sticks!

* just to let you know, these brownie cakes taste amazing with the pepper and spice addition!!

here's my adaption...

and look what else...
how cool are these!

I found this free printable project at sweet muffin suite printable valentine's card via creature comforts 
I made these up in about 5 minutes this afternoon using some cute black pencils I found at spotlight.
I think they such a clever idea.

The boys will love them I' sure.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day tomorrow!


jody said...

Oh what a sweet thing to do for your boys, I am sure they will love them!
Happy Valentines day! x

Anonymous said...

that is really sweet and those brownies are so adorable. have a happy day tomorrow. xo

Unknown said...

what you did for valentines day looks lovely!! lou xo

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