Friday, February 10, 2012

Matchbox A Day

Whoa there!
I'm getting behind but still enjoying a quiet moment to myself to make these little creations...
here are some more of my Match Box A Day contributions

The French One

This one is covered on le inside with a picture from my Jean Leyssenne Calendar {beautiful watercolours}.

The Thank You One

I couldn't think of a more perfect way to say thank you than a thank you letter and a bunch of flowers.

I think I will dedicate this virtual thank you to Jody at Lemon Rhodes who gave suburbansider
a mention as one of her blog loves this week! Thank you Jody - so cool! I was delighted!


Anonymous said...

i really like the french one. it is so sweet & perfect. i also love myself a sip or two of moet. xo

jody said...

Thank you again! I love it, you are too sweet. xx

Alison @ BaysideVintage said...

These are beautiful, so creative! You must have patience to make them. You have a great blog and love your vintage style - will link to your blog on my blogroll soon. Alison

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