Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paper Dolls

My friend Kelly sent me this gorgeous canvas tote bag from Sydney featuring vintage style paper dolls. 
I absolutely love it! Then my friend Pascalle launched her latest collection Twenty Five Seventy Five 
from The Lavender Room on etsy and of course, her paper doll necklace was an immediate favourite and so I thought I'd better put a collection together! 

Another special mention to Chibi Run  and her lovely blog. I have only recently discovered her blog which I love visiting and her shop has so many cute affordable things! I particularly like the paper doll stationery range {items 4 and 9}! And Oh My Gosh, I was so glad to find the avon "ice cream comb", I had one when I was little and LOVED it ! Did you have one too?
I love the twenties/vintage/ great gatsby look of these traditional paper dolls, however for a bit of a mod twist the wall decal paper doll collection from Love Mae is TOTALLY fantastic... am I too old to be playing with a set of these???


Chibi Run said...

Oh this is such a gorgeous treasury!
Your taste in dresses is just divine... what I would give to get that lemon dress.... :) thanks so very much for including the little paper dolls xx

suburbansider said...

Thank you so much!! I love the lemon dress too although I could probably never wear it!

Love your paper dolls!

katiecrackernuts said...

It's appalling but I have a number of those items, including the tote ( Reinforce the handles - advice I could have used rather than drop my bundle when the handle came loose the first time I used it. A stitch in time and those paper doll frocks will be turning heads.

suburbansider said...

No way! lovely! - that bag sure does get around!
Thanks for the link! Do you have the Avon comb too??

I am disappointed now to be made aware of the fact that all those turning heads were just looking at my fancy bag and not me ; )

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