Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Bin Brimmeth Over

So - I am back at work tomorrow after about ten days off and am looking forward to seeing everyone again but I have been having a great laid back time at home - I don't want it to be over.
I've been cleaning out my office and that's been a massive job, bin loads and bin loads, loads for the op shop and still not finished!
I have found some treasures though! {to be shown at a later date}
I've also been doing all sorts of jobs around the house, sorting and tidying, it's never ending but it feels good when you get something crossed off your list that has been bugging you for ages.
And I've been doing some reading and, in between working on some graphic design jobs, spending time with the boys, gardening, we caught a movie...

A fanatstic and very handy poster from peppermint mag.
I got a copy for my birthday and am enjoying it heaps - just as fresh and minty as it sounds, heaps of good websites to discover, great articles, beautiful photographs and illustrations.
Anyhow - I ripped this baby out straight away ~ just perfect cause my little one does get a bit confused, bless him, as to what goes into which bin. Hopefully there will be no more need for me to be picking out soggy bits of cereal and drynites from the recycling!!!
This lovely artist, Burntfeather has a site where you can download the poster for free or purchase a print here!

I've just finished reading Cold Comfort Farm {one of the books I picked up whilst op 
shopping last week}.
Added to my pile of "Chick Lit" novels, the only difference being these are absolute classics and were all written early last century and even the one before yet just as funny and entertaining and endearing as the modern variety.
A writer from the 1930's has the exactly same sort of dilemmas and antics and quirky characters in her story as our contemporary heroines from the last decade or so are subjected to by their authors. Financial crisis, boy trouble, what to wear, uptight inlaws, all sorts of domestic disturbances. They go to parties, they keep diaries, they fall in love, they get their hearts broken, they make us laugh.

I found this notebook and have, with the help of some mt tape and a stamped tag, delegated it to be my reading diary for 2011~ one entry already!

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