Sunday, January 16, 2011

As the flood water recedes

Here are some photographs taken by my friend Leesa in the city and New Farm 
after the flood waters receded.

This strip of the river is always bustling with cyclists, joggers, serious walkers, market shoppers, tourists, and city workers on their lunch break.

Seeing the river board walk being broken apart and pushed down the river by tugs was very sad. 
Leesa, myself and another friend met up there for a weekly walk whilst I was still pregnant with my now six year old and then after he was born. We each had a little one in a pram and we used to powerwalk from New Farm around to the city and back whist inevitably talking and laughing heaps. 
The houses along the bank made us curious and wonder at the happenings inside them 
and I for one was jealous of their inhabitants.
Apparently my baby was good whilst Leesa's squawked the whole way, I had forgotten that.
And, naturally we always ended up at Moray St Cafe for a coffee and some delicious breakfast. They had a very superior kind of fruit toast {which also happened to be the cheapest thing on the menu} which had gigantic pieces of fig and apricot and nuts in it!
Since then I often took my boys along there on bikes or scooters whilst I attempted to jog 
but I hadn't been in a while.
I will look forward to it being rebuilt and although I always really appreciated what a beautiful shimmery breezy spot it was I will love it just a little bit more.

all photographs from Leesa Perry Photography

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