Thursday, January 20, 2011

Handmade Owls

I visited my friend Leesa last week and as usual she always has some sort of treat to show me or feed me when I get to her house besides her two little scrumptious baby girl twins.
And as I can't go past an owl without looking twice I was pretty impressed by this little guy.
A very talented friend of hers has made this beautiful owl. She has embroidered, painted, stitched and I don't even know what else but he was so gorgeous I had to share. He is going to be a gift for another friend who has just had a baby boy this week amidst all the flooding.

Aren't the details amazing! I love the buttons too!

Toni has done several of these that I have seen { Leesa has twin owls for her girls} and as she does something different every time I will be looking forward to see what she does next.

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