Friday, January 21, 2011

Capturing the Flood

Casey is a guy I met at college ~ he takes some stunning photographs and these recent ones taken during the floods have captured his part of town and where he works in a beautiful way.

"Recently the beautiful city of Brisbane was struck with its worse flood since 1974, wiping out the majority of Ipswich and some of the most iconic points of the CBD, unfortunately a lot of homes were destroyed, people left stranded and at the worst, lives lost. My heart goes out to all who were affected by the tragedy and hope for you all to find your feet as soon as possible. These photos are to tell a story to not only those involved in mother nature's course but to those who were not granted the chance to experience the emotions that came with this unfortunate disaster."  ~ Casey

Check out Casey's Flood Photos and more of his work here. Thanks for being cool and sharing these with me Casey x Ains

• I have just added another helpful link to "saving your flood damaged photographs". 
RGB Digital Pro Lab with their suggested method for cleaning individual photographs 
and whole albums.

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