Monday, January 24, 2011

My little big Grade 1er

Packed the little man off to grade one today. I wasn't teary but I didn't quite like it. He's growing up, which is obviously the desired outcome when one has children but it's hard to let go of the idea of them being your little babies. I was kidding myself that he was still my baby last year when he was in prep, that was stretching it, but now I really do have to face the fact that he's a big school boy.
Only grade one though, plenty of time to grow up yet.

The closest thing I got to being creative this weekend was making these school book labels. Which was fun. I took some photos of my 80's eraser collection and fed that into my computer...
I also did some really quick ones with the boys' names on them. I have a gadget which makes things into stickers called a xyron - it's cool!
Lukey helped me make the tags into stickers and hey presto, personalised book labels at about five times the cost and one hundred times more effort than shop bought ones but hey it's all about the journey right....
I will say it was a lot easier than the contacting of the school books but as I am keeping this blog a positive and family friendly place I won't go into that here. A saving grace was that a friend kindly dropped over a pile of plastic book covers which I could use on a few of the books. Will definitely be getting more of those instead of contact next year.

 got this sheet printed out at office works 
cut out each label
feeding the label into the xyron
ready to stick on to books!


Leesa said...

how awesome!! I'm booking myself in next year for labels for Fynn and Blake....I had an eraser collection too - I so remember those handheld computer games ones!

suburbansider said...

Thanks Leesa!
I wish you still had that collection. Thanks for reminding me about the smell too - mine dont seem to have much of a smell anymore:(
Will have to get started on the book labels much earlier in time for next year so I can do some for Fynn and Blake but would mean being organised...

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