Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I went to the PA Hospital today for an appointment with the allergy clinic to see what I'm allergic to. I am then on the pathway to getting Immunotherapy which will desensitise me to whatever is causing me to get hayfever. This involves me getting a weekly injection and then after about 6 weeks it will be monthly and the treatment will go for about three years. I am looking forward to it! Anything to get rid of the dreaded hayfever!! My parents took me to get this done whilst I was in high school, along with trying everything else under the sun and I am now finally getting around to organizing it again - long overdue! 

Skin prick test was today. I had lots of liquid dots of allergens applied up and down my arm and then my skin was pricked to see which ones I would re-act to. This is a photo taken when I got home well over an hour later, the grid the nurse drew on my arm with nikko has rubbed off and all the little red welts that popped up have gone. I wish I took a photo during the test - it was cool if you like seeing that sort of stuff.
I also had a blood test and donated some blood for a research project that is happening relating to allergies. Anyhow - after being tested for about 20 or so different things the clear winner was ....
Dust mites! - which I knew, cause that's what my tests revealed all those years ago.

This is what a dust mite looks like

and a close up view of the culprit taken through a marco lens...
I am also allergic to cats and cockroaches and cats which is kind of a moot point since I rarely cuddle cats {with the exception of my cat nephew Theo who gets a rare pat} and cockroaches, never!
...... some preventative measures I will be taking, especially whilst cleaning my house.
fun, fun, however no more swollen red eyes, sniffling, sneezing, messy looking me.

*vintage advertisement and vintage frame from The Graphics Fairy

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