Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pretty Purslane

An unexpected morning off lead me to take the opportunity to plant some of the plants I bought at
the markets on the weekend. My little rental house doesn't give much scope for gardening which is probably a good thing because I don't really have the time or the money... but I LOVE gardening
and I love beautiful gardens.

 Something really did need to be done with the two front garden beds which are each side of my front steps. I first rescued them from weeds and grass when I moved in a year ago but the plants I put in
then didn't really work out too well {partly my fault, partly nature}. So ... new plants, new improved soil. I took a leaf  from my friend Michelle's school of thought : "I only do succulents these days"
and I dare say I will have better success with these. I found these pretty pink succulents at the markets which will be hardy and work like a ground cover. They have little flowers that look like mini carnations. From my limited internet research I believe they are called Purslane or Portulaca or Moss Rose and are edible?!
more info here and here.
Won't be trying this one out though!

Here they are in their pots ready for planting. 
I will bring you the rest of my gardening adventures later. I skipped gym to do this one but I feel 
like I have run a marathon after spending three hours in the garden, digging etc on a day which at 
9 am I was already dripping with sweat and that was even before I commenced any work!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pretty pink flowers, I got a quick look at the garden this morning and thought it looked very preety! The agave's looked great. Good work on all the lovely thing you are doing to yuor home. Lou X

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