Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rainy Sunday at Home


A busy week and waking up to rain and a dose of hayfever made me disinclined to leave the house today. The big white basket in my little front entry room is holding all of my shoes. I got it last week from crazy clarks as a cheap solution to "where to put all of my shoes now that I have decided not to keep them in my bedroom any longer".
I originally had them in my wardrobe but they kept getting mildewy and then I stored them under my bed ~ still mildewy! So I banished them into the hallway where they unsatisfactorily sat tripping all who walked past. I am sure they will still get mildewy in the basket as this house seems to be a bit damp, but at least it will be far away enough from my bedroom so as not to creep me out. Does anyone else have this problem ~ what do you do? {what I have done to keep my wardrobe damp free is a whole other post and an ongoing saga which is very mundane so I won't bore you with that now!}
Anyhow I think the new basket looks pretty! I put some vanilla pods which were starting to look suspect in the fridge in the foyer too ~ rather than throw them out. Smells good!
Madura Earl Grey tea, my Nan's favourite brand and vegetable soup with a new favourite, {which my friend got me on to} rye and caraway bread from Rock n Roll Bakery Greenslopes/Camp Hill.
And baking... Harry Potter cupcakes ~ a packet mix for me and my six year old to make together and coconut macaroons which were just as easy as the packet mix to make!
And now I will have to think of something else to do to avoid the pile-o-laundry.


leesa said...

packet mix!! ainslie thomas, I thought I'd taught you better then that!...they do look good though! as does the soup, oh, and your fancy shoe basket! fingers crossed no mildew finds its way in there!

suburbansider said...

Guilty as charged!
They were good though, especially the icing and I couldn't resist the packaging!

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