Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Front Garden ~ More Green, Less Mean

An old pot which originally belonged to my Nan, I love the yellow/green lichen or whatever is is.
A new plant I found called Artic Snow which grows into a little bush. It looks like one of my favourite plants Star Jasmine which I love but have to avoid as it makes me sneeze. This one has no scent so should be safe!

I was feeling very AB Positive after donating blood on Friday afternoon, however I was awoken during the very early hours of Saturday morning with a very nasty tummy bug and yesterday was completely horrible! I spent most of it lying in bed and feeling pretty miserable. The worst part was that I had to ring Red Cross and tell them that I had become sick since donating and the guy said he would have to bin my blood! Apparently some of it could be used but I think he was just trying to be nice. What a waste! 

And I feel like today is getting wasted too - it's so beautiful and sunny and breezy and cool outside but I've got a whole day's worth of dishes, laundry and MESS etc to catch up on and I feel too weak to do much anyway.  Oh well, I did have a huge sleep in and am feeling heaps better than yesterday.

I took some photos finally of the front garden {although they didn't turn out so great in the midday sun/shadows}. I think it looks so much better and I can't wait for the new plants to grow and fill up the beds a bit more. The little white bits are a collection of shells and pebbles, mostly bought which I have had for years and years and usually use scattered about my pots. 
The Agave were replanted from the large white pots which are now home to a pair of Yuccas. Both of these originally came from my sister's garden. Her and her hubby have been propagating plants like these for quite a while and have helped me stock a large part of my garden for FREE! Plants such as bromeliads and moses in a basket, which are all doing very well in their new homes. I have transplanted some baby succulents into a pot which you can see below.

~ this little tin pot, one of my kerbside finds ~
Ok, back to cleaning and I will do something fun to try and salvage the lost weekend!


Anonymous said...

Cute Garden Ains!

suburbansider said...

Thank you anonymous person!

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